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Alpaca News 2012

Ridge Gully animals join Shangrilah herd

24th October 2012
It was our absolute pleasure to recently welcome a number of new animals to our Shangrilah herd from Ridge Gully Alpacas. Ridge Gully Alpacas was a small boutique white suri herd situated in North Richmond, NSW; owned and managed by Leonie and David Abbott and their daughters. They recently made the very hard decision, also fraught with much sadness, that it was time to move their animals on to someone else specialising in a white suri breeding programme. We are very impressed with the quality of the Ridge Gully animals and the care the Abbotts gave them. A number of the herd had great success previously at show, both in halter and fleece classes. This is to the credit of the Abbotts and shows what can be achieved with even the smallest of herds. We are very much looking forward to a promising future with the Ridge Gully animals and are honoured that Leonie and David have entrusted their herd to us. We are also delighted to be co owning the Ridge Gully males with Grayleigh Alpacas and between us hope that we can show off some beautiful white suri offspring to the Abbotts over the next few years, out of their dams and sires. We wish Leonie and David and their daughters all the very best for the future.

Knight in White Satin joins the Shangrilah stable of stud males

2nd June 2012
We are very pleased to welcome Birrong Knight in White satin in to our herd. Knight is a young male who did well in the show ring as a junior and intermediate. Knight has good cover, density and lustre. His first cria have inherited his fleece traits and include a stunning female who has also been awarded in the show ring.Knight has very good conformation and a stocky strong build.He is sired by Pucara Allegro and his is dam Windsong valley Andean Charm.Knight is a suri male with character who is a very avid worker with the ladies.Photos of him can be seen in our stud male gallery pages.

We co own Knight with Tammurah Lamson of GrayLeigh Alpacas.Knight is not avalable for outside stud services.

is it 12 months already?

19th May 2012
Unbelievabley 12 months has flown past and we realised our news had become old news!

We now have two more additional males in the Shangrilah white suri stud male line up, with the acquisition of Cedar House Moonflute and Cedar House Excaliabar 2. Both these males bring some classic genetics to our herd, with Moonflute sired by Pperuvian Amador and Excalibar sired by Peruvian Senator.

Moonie is full brother to Cedar House Sensational and we love his strong macho presence, excellent conformation, large frame and dense fleece. Moonflutes progeny are now being awarded in the show ring and we are so impressed that one of his progeny, Alcazar Beowulf, has now been certified and has become one of the prestigious males in our co owned Alcazar Suri Stud.

Excal is an older male who impressed us with his superb conformation, robust build, repeat fleece performance and proven ability to pass these qualities on to his progeny. We are very pleased indeed with the, cover, fine, independantly locked and lustrous fleeces we are seeing in his cria to date.

We are absolutley delighted with the progeny our co owned, elite champion male, Surilana Donaldo is producing. Donaldo is proving to be a high performance male with both pure suri females and cross bred suri females. His cria have greasy, fine and lustrous fleeces and overall have inherited his independant and stylish locks and gorgeous suri face.

On the most pathetically abyssmal day in the winter of 2011, we propelled ourselves into the world of animal showing, taking 3 suris into the ring at the New England Alpaca Show, having previously only shown fleeces.

We were delighted to come home with a number of ribbons including a broad.

Spring and summer brought us above average rainfall, it also brought us above average female cria, with 9 female cria being born in a row out of 13!! See our gallery for snaps of the latest cria.

Another new addition has been our alpaca barn, purpose built for shearing, show animals and shouldany ofour alpacas require some extra attention.

With great sadness and regret our beloved GCSA Trademark passed away in the winter of 2011.It is still very hard to look at what where his paddocks and not see him there looking back at us. Tradie was the patriarch and foundation sire of our Shangrilah white suri alpaca stud.He fixed fineness and lustre into our herd and his last cria, borrn in the autumn of 2012 is absolutley dripping with greasiness. She is one of 3 females Tradie gave us as his legacy after he passed away.

Trademark will always have a huge part of our hearts. We dearly miss him,but gain some comfort at being able to see so many of his traits living on in the progeny we have from him and are very grateful to him for his wonderful contribution to our herd. We also thank and will fondly remember Tradie for being the gentleman he was, companion, educator and for the joy he brought to our lives.

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